Family of Adiman, Thomas and Dodgson, Jenat 1a 2a


Unknown Partner Adiman, Thomas
Unknown Partner Dodgson, Jenat
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1604-04-22 St. Peter’s Church, Drax, Yorkshire, England Marriage of Thomas Addyman & Jenat Dodgson
  1. Addyman, John
  2. Addyman, Christopher
  3. Adiman, Thomas
  4. Adiman, Isabell
  5. Adiman, Thomas

Source References

  1. Yorkshire Burials
      • Date: between 1630 and 1631
      • Page: Hemingbrough Burials Transcripts: Page 67
  2. Church of England: St. Peter, Drax: Parish Registers
      • Date: 1604-04-22
      • Page: Marriage of Thomas Addyman & Jenat Dodgson (1604-04-22)