Clark, [Living]

Birth Name Clark, [Living]
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Clark, Robertabout 1839-03-22between 1907-07-00 and 1907-09-00
Mother Jump, Ellenabout 1844between 1902-04-00 and 1902-06-00
    Brother     Clark, [Living]
    Brother     Clark, [Living]
    Brother     Clark, [Living]
    Brother     Clark, [Living]
    Brother     Clark, Richard Whitehead about 1871-12-10 1917-11-29
    Sister     Clark, [Living]
         Clark, [Living]
    Brother     Clark, [Living]
    Sister     Clark, Sina 1878-08-26
    Sister     Clark, Hannah 1880-11-02
    Sister     Clark, Prudence 1885-02-15


  1. Clark, Robert
    1. Jump, Ellen
      1. Clark, [Living]
      2. Clark, [Living]
      3. Clark, [Living]
      4. Clark, [Living]
      5. Clark, [Living]
      6. Clark, [Living]
      7. Clark, [Living]
      8. Clark, Richard Whitehead
      9. Clark, Sina
      10. Clark, Hannah
      11. Clark, Prudence