Moss, Jane

Birth Name Moss, Jane 1a 2a
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1765-11-27 Hazlewood, Yorkshire, England Birth of Jane Moss 2a
Baptism 1765-11-27 St. Ricarius' Church, Aberford, Yorkshire, England Baptism of Jane Moss 2a
Residence 1765-11-27 Hazlewood, Yorkshire, England Resides at Hazlewood, Yorkshire 2a
Probate (Legatee) 1781-06-29 Ainsty, Yorkshire, England Execution of will of Thomas Addeman of Scholes 1a

Amount: £10

Relation to the centre person (Addyman, Christiana) : third cousin once removed (up)


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Moss, Francis
Mother Addiman, Sarahabout 1741-03-29
         Moss, Jane about 1765-11-27
    Sister     Moss, Elizabeth about 1768-01-27
    Brother     Moss, Francis about 1770-02-11
    Sister     Moss, Sarah about 1773-06-20
    Brother     Moss, Thomas about 1775-10-13
    Brother     Moss, William 1777-12-06
    Brother     Moss, John 1780-03-10
    Brother     Moss, James 1782-12-19


  1. Moss, Francis
    1. Addiman, Sarah
      1. Moss, Jane
      2. Moss, Elizabeth
      3. Moss, Francis
      4. Moss, Sarah
      5. Moss, Thomas
      6. Moss, William
      7. Moss, John
      8. Moss, James


Source References

  1. Church of England: Prerogative & Exchequer Court of York Probate Index
      • Date: 1780-05-18
      • Page: Will of Thomas Addeman; 1781; vol.125, f.349
  2. Church of England: Aberford Parish Register Transcripts, 1540-1812
      • Date: between 1764 and 1766
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