California, Marriage Index, 1960-1985

Author State of California
Abbreviation California, Marriage Index, 1960-1985


Number Title Type Call number
1 Ancestry Electronic


  1. Marriage of Berta Addeman & Claude E Young (1972-04-16)
    1. Family of Young, [Living] and Addeman, [Living]
  2. Marriage of Cynthia K Addeman & Robert S Sargeant (1976-09-18)
    1. Family of Sargeant, [Living] and Addeman, [Living]
  3. Marriage of Frank N Addeman & Maria A Mathis (1980-11-15)
    1. Family of Addeman, [Living] and Mathis, [Living]
  4. Marriage of Laura L Addeman & Ronald E Shouse (1982-03-06)
    1. Family of Shouse, [Living] and Addeman, [Living]
  5. Marriage of Sarah Addeman & Leroy R Harris (1974-08-08)
    1. Family of Harris, [Living] and Fourzan, [Living]
  6. Marriage of Valerie J Addeman & Misael E Soriano (1979-11-24)
    1. Family of Soriano, [Living] and Addeman, [Living]