This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Adiman. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Alys about 1582-02-09 about 1585-02-23   Adiman, Christopher (Xpofer)
Ann about 1662/3-01-07 (Julian)    
Ann about 1649-05-20   Knowles, Timothy Adiman, Thomas , Jane
Ann about 1705-05-06     Adiman, Roger , Dorothy
Anne about 1683-08-26 about 1747-04-24   Adiman, Peter Wood, Elizabeth
Christopher (Xpofer) about 1600/1-03-03 (Julian)  
Effam about 1691-02-04 Adaman, Peter  
Frances about 1654-12-18     Adaman, Thomas Cooke, Mary
Francis about 1630/1-01-20 (Julian) about 1630/1-01-23 (Julian)   Stable, John Adiman, Isabell
Isabell about 1613/4-03-20 (Julian)   Stable, John Adiman, Thomas Dodgson, Jenat
Jane about 1681-07-02 Adiman, John  
Jane about 1674-06-04   Aldred, Sarah
Jane     Clifford, Joshua  
John about 1652-06-27     Adaman, Thomas Cooke, Mary
John   about 1701-04-30 Adiman, Jane  
John about 1581-02-24   Adiman, Christopher (Xpofer)
John     Gittens, Sisle  
John about 1809 about 1814-06-14    
Leonard about 1656/7-03-12 (Julian)   Adiman, Unknown Adaman, Thomas Cooke, Mary
Mary about 1696-08-16 about 1697-03-28   Adiman, Leonard Adiman, Unknown
Patrick about 1609-12-17     Adiman, Peter
Peter about 1651-08-31 about 1705-04-29 Wood, Elizabeth Adaman, Peter Adiman, Effam
Roger     , Dorothy  
Sara 1719-03-21     Adiman, William
Thomas about 1659-12-25     Adaman, Thomas Cooke, Mary
Thomas about 1681-06-26 about 1681-07-01   Adiman, John Adiman, Jane
Thomas about 1631-09-07 Dodgson, Jenat  
Thomas about 1611-04-12     Adiman, Thomas Dodgson, Jenat
Thomas about 1620-05-21 about 1669/70-03-10 (Julian) , Jane, Aldred, Sarah Adiman, Thomas Dodgson, Jenat
Unknown     Adiman, Leonard  
Ursula about 1696-08-05 Addyman, John  
William     Parker, Anna