This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Adaman. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
before 1598-04-06 Adaman, Elizabeth  
before 1619-09-19 Adaman, Agnes  
Agnes about 1619-09-19 Adaman  
Agnis   about 1540-05-19    
Alice     Spiser, William  
An about 1628/9-02-27 (Julian)     Addaman, Thomas
Ann 1787-02-16 about 1794-07-15   Adaman, Charles Edis, Frances
Anne about 1614-08-05 about 1637-08-22   Adaman, William Warrener, Alice
Anne about 1649-10-15   Adaman, Thomas Cooke, Mary
Anne about 1755-07-22     Adaman, Thomas Edis, Anne
Anne about 1757-10-12     Adaman, John Thorpe, Elizabeth
Anne about 1635-06-21     Adaman, William
Anne about 1640-11-05   Pasbee, Richard Adaman, William
Barbara about 1629-08-02 about 1635-09-16   Adaman, William Warrener, Alice
Brian   about 1620-04-05  
Charles about 1759-03-28 about 1826-03-08 Edis, Frances Adaman, Thomas Edis, Anne
Charlotte about 1794-02-23     Adaman, William , Frances
Deborah (or Ann) about 1639-09-23 about 1639-10-16   Adaman, William
Dorothy about 1639-06-26   Adaman, William Warrener, Alice
Elizabeth about 1793 about 1861-11-08 Godefroy, John  
Elizabeth about 1598-04-06 Adaman  
Elizabeth about 1624/5-03-18 (Julian) about 1645-09-16   Adaman, William Warrener, Alice
Elizabeth about 1626-08-13     Adaman, John West, Frances
Elizabeth about 1759-05-02     Adaman, John Thorpe, Elizabeth
Elizabeth     Coward, William  
Elizabeth about 1791-08-07     Adaman, William , Frances
Frances between 1789 and 1796 about 1859-03-17    
Frances 1791-06-15 1826-01-14 Adaman, Thomas Adaman, Charles Edis, Frances
Frances 1825-11-00 1825-11-12   Adaman, John Lee, Mary Ann
Frances about 1789-05-12   Adaman, Charles Edis, Frances
Frances about 1763-04-20     Adaman, John Thorpe, Elizabeth
Frances 1786-12-20     Adaman, John , Frances
Frances 1789-10-31     Adaman, George , Frances
Frances     Gordon, John  
Frances   about 1791-09-25    
George     , Frances  
Isabell about 1592-10-14      
James about 1596-10-30     Adaman, Brian
Jane about 1826      
John 1796-07-25 about 1855-05-29 Lee, Mary Ann, Atkinson, Margaret Adaman, Charles Edis, Frances
John about 1825-08-24 about 1826-01-17   Adaman, Thomas Adaman, Frances
John about 1623/4-01-26 (Julian) 1623/4-01-26 (Julian)   Adaman, William Warrener, Alice
John about 1640-08-25 West, Frances  
John about 1631/2-01-29 (Julian)     Adaman, John West, Frances
John about 1752-06-17 about 1818-05-07 Adams, Mary Adaman, Thomas Edis, Anne
John 1779-09-25 about 1781-09-09   Adaman, Thomas Lunn, Jane
John   Thorpe, Elizabeth  
John     , Frances  
John about 1636-10-01     Adaman, William
Judith about 1644-10-27     Adaman, Thomas Cooke, Mary
Kate     Irich, Antonie  
Katherine about 1634-12-10     Adaman, William Warrener, Alice
Margaret about 1791      
Mark about 1589-04-27      
Mary about 1621-07-01   Fawdington, William Adaman, William Warrener, Alice
Mary about 1755-12-08   Lowe, John Adaman, John Thorpe, Elizabeth
Mary   about 1846-02-01    
Mary Ann about 1822-12-19 about 1900-09-19   Adaman, Thomas Adaman, Frances
Mary Ann about 1795-10-01 about 1796-02-26   Adaman, Charles Edis, Frances
Mary Ann about 1785-02-24 about 1790-02-21   Adaman, Thomas Lunn, Jane
Mathew about 1587-09-16 about 1587-10-18   Adaman, William
Matilda 1810-04-25 1810-11-15   Adaman, Thomas Millner, Caroline
Matthew 1784-09-24 about 1792-04-22   Adaman, Charles Edis, Frances
Peter about 1627-10-18 about 1698/9-01-20 (Julian) Adiman, Effam Adaman, William Warrener, Alice
Richard about 1593-04-03    
Richard about 1629-03-25     Adaman, John West, Frances
Robert about 1543-11-14  
Sarah about 1787-07-03 about 1787-08-16   Adaman, Thomas Lunn, Jane
Syth about 1543/4-01-13 (Julian)     Adaman, Robert
Thomas about 1783-05-27 1854-10-23 Millner, Caroline, Adaman, Frances Adaman, Thomas Lunn, Jane
Thomas 1821-04-13 about 1860-03-12   Adaman, Thomas Adaman, Frances
Thomas about 1616-08-25 about 1679-11-19 Cooke, Mary Adaman, William Warrener, Alice
Thomas about 1646/7-01-06 (Julian)     Adaman, Thomas Cooke, Mary
Thomas   Edis, Anne  
Thomas about 1753-08-02 1817-04-09 Lunn, Jane, Dolman, Mary, Scott, Jane Adaman, Thomas Edis, Anne
Thomas about 1777-03-20 about 1820-02-27   Adaman, John Adams, Mary
Thomas about 1761-10-21     Adaman, John Thorpe, Elizabeth
Thomas about 1585-08-27      
Thomas   about 1698-05-28    
Unnamed about 1757-10-24   Adaman, Thomas Edis, Anne
Unnamed about 1761-05-13   Adaman, Thomas Edis, Anne
Unnamed about 1637-12-30 about 1637-12-30   Addaman, Thomas
William   Warrener, Alice  
William about 1618-08-08   Smith, Elizabeth Adaman, William Warrener, Alice
William   about 1661-01-04    
William     , Frances