This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of <absent>. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Alice about 1783   Brookman, James  
Anne     Morton, William  
Barbara 1926-06-09 2006 Addyman, Clarence Henry  
Desdemona A 1890-07-28 1976-08-27 Addyman, Thomas William  
Dinah     Ademans, Thomas  
Dorothy about 1706/7-01-06 (Julian) Adiman, Roger  
Elizabeth     Clarke, Thomas  
Elizabeth     Blackham, William  
Elizabeth     Whitcomb, William  
Elizabeth   Clarke, Robert  
Elizabeth about 1731 about 1807-10-12 Addiman  
Frances     Adaman, John  
Frances     Adaman, George  
Frances     Adaman, William  
Grace 1919-10-31 1996-01-00    
Isabella     Penrice, John  
Jane about 1813 1886-06-12    
Jane 1940 1996 Addeman, [Living]  
Jane between 1801 and 1803   Harrison, William  
Jane   about 1666/7-02-26 (Julian) Adiman, Thomas  
Jane     Addyman, Joseph  
Jane   about 1715/6-03-05 (Julian)    
Jane     Addeman, William  
Joanna   Murphy, John  
Margaret   about 1657-08-10 Addiman, Thomas  
Mary between 1807 and 1811   Smith, James  
Mary     Wilson, John  
Mary     Jackson, John  
Mary R 1917-12-29 1990-12-29 Addyman, John A  
Sarah about 1811   Philpot, Henry  
Sylvia   Addyman, Homer William  
William     Wilkinson, Elizabeth  
[Living]     Addyman, Edward Harold  
[Living]     Hilburn, [Living]  
[Living]     Addeman, Spencer Noel  
[Living]     Addeman, [Living]  
[Living]     Addyman, [Living]  
[Living]     Addyman, [Living]  
[Living]     Addyman, [Living]  
[Living]     Addyman, [Living]  
[Living]     Addiman, [Living]  
[Living]     Addyman, [Living]  
[Living]     Addyman, [Living]  
[Living]     Addyman, [Living]  
[Living]     Addyman, [Living]  
[Living]     Addyman, [Living]